Well my time alone researching myself is coming to an end. I have to admit the thought of being thrown into a crowd of bustling people is a little daunting so I’ve been taking mini adventures around the countryside.


It’s interesting the stories people place on strangers. I’m so busy navigating my surroundings that the projections come in a little after the fact. Like the sweet young cashier who paid the extra change I couldn’t find at the bottom of my bag because of her compassion with my being an immigrant. Or the truck driver who was gratefully shocked that a woman stopped way back in anticipation and allowed him to go first to make traveling the small road easy. It hasn’t all been peachy keen nectarine (they’re in season and so sweet). I look North African so life can be odd sometimes, however I believe everyone likes me (or I project that on to them) and that no one minds my child-like French (but I have a great vocabulary) and most I’ve met believe that too so when encountering those that don’t have my beliefs, I don’t let it bother me.


On the whole no matter where or who one is their fears and projections are with them. When I was an actor, there was this expression, ‘If you’re going to believe the good reviews you have to believe the bad too.” Meaning – Let it go. It’s just an opinion. All the judgement of self and others; just move on with the living portion of the program. There is too much beauty to see and things to experience to limit it with some ridiculous belief about something we know nothing about.


I’m looking forward to the city. Don’t get me wrong I will miss nature and the gentle way of being of those living in the country. And the quiet, I love it. I could live here. Then again, once I get to know anyplace, I tend to fall in love with it and it becomes home.


Here’s to loving existing!



I am wavering from focus to blurry, excited to anxious, calm to serene and the list goes ebbing back and forth. I thought writing a blog would help me see exactly what is happening however that view is as odd as the amount of planets retro at present. I’m looking forward to the new moon eclipse in a couple of days. Then I’ll at least have a reason for feeling so, well..so.


Mercury reared its retro-head yesterday and took out an appliance and food along with it sending me in an old ole pattern of lack and childish disappointment. Just when I thought I had left my upbringing behind it comes back to haunt me in weird and powerful ways.


But then a song came shuffling along the wireless frequency and now I’m dancing like a wild fairy that has drunken datura juice. Ahh at least I’m moving it out via my toes and giving it back to the earth where it can be grounded god knows where.


On the whole, I feel ready for anything and that’s a good thing given I’ve evicted myself from my prior life to find where I fit now, but that too will find me when it’s ready. I’m ready.


Patiently waiting in the ethers,



For those of you recently finding me, this blog is the remnant of Cosmichange’s website which started out of course some 15 years ago as Karmichange and was and still is dedicated to metaphysical thought and awareness.

It’s amazing to me how each patch of land has its own ritual. Even given the laws of nature, each energy swirls in its own singular pattern. Here, when there’s a drop in the temperature when its warm, it produces clouds, yes, but a haze evenly over everything as if the sky is covered in dew. Then the sun comes and burns holes in it so the fluffy cumulus can sneak in and stand out against the blue.


I imagine you’re thinking, here she goes again (everything she needed to know she learned in nature, yeah, we get it) but this is different. Well, not so much different as unusual the last couple of days. I know everything has an energy field and energy cannot be destroyed it just transmutes or transcends form. I’ve taken a basic science class however I’m talking about the energy field around a specific item changing appearance in a way it’s never done before. I can see and feel the change in the cats too. I’m not going to describe what I’ve seen because that may affect your experience (the human brain enjoys suggestions) however I will say there is no need to change your eyeglass prescriptions. That’s just what it looks like right now.


Okay back to before…but that can never happen, eh. I’ve already shifted the energy. It’s like cut flowers; one minute they are the focus of your table, the next they are shedding, then they are creating life in the form of bugs before they recoil and disintegrate into a green slime left in the vase… I’ve been closely watching natures patterns all my life and this is truly different. It’s like a food I’ve never tasted. It has textures and sensations never experienced before and while I eat it, it brings up memories of other events.


Time is not only changing, it is collapsing before us, my friends. Please take care, things are vibrating quite rapidly but given so many planets are retrograde and making us experience a slo-mo reaction to it we are like the children of sloths that have mated with cheetahs. I think I’ll walk everywhere today and not answer the phone. I’m not trying to control the change, I’m just flowing with it and trying not to be in conflict against its natural movement.


Breathing in and out,


(*Bob Dylan’s live performance of Times Are Changing covered also by Christy Myers and Violeta Parra’s Gracias a la Vida also covered by Mercedes Sosa, in a grand finale by the familia de Maria J. Quiroga Z.)

Gracias à todos!






This morning, before deleting yesterday’s post on my word page to begin anew (a ritual I find most rewarding) I noticed how my heart had changed. Yesterday, I noticed I wanted to relate to not only those into soul journeying but others too. Then I noticed it was the blog that followed the blog before about Spirit pointing a finger at me. I noticed how energy ebbs and flows and waves and retracts and reacts and then I understood how we came to the expression, ‘the devil made me do it.’


What if all this vibrating against sound thus bringing it into matter in this third dimension, is all there is? Then the entire game is simply to learn how to master the shifting frequencies, eh. What if the devil/angel scenario is nothing more than the sound of ones’ desires making it matter so much? What if schizophrenia is only some people’s reaction to a particular sound vibrating, so it takes them on a different point on the timeline where they are just being themselves from another incarnation? What if all these children we are labeling as ADD or OCD or autistic or Asperger syndrome are simply listening to a different frequency than we’re squealing at them.


I have an amazing friend who shall remain nameless that can make things materialize from thin air to get his thought across. When I was with him, I figured out how he communicated. First it was great but then his autonomy was gone so he shifted frequencies. Just like teenagers. They have this soft spot still at the top/base of their cervical spine and around the  cortex thingamajiggy and they can shut it on or off of sound frequencies better than anyone on this planet! Maybe that’s why most in the Guinness world book of records are under the age of 30. They’re still flexible. Their ability to expand still works!


So, all us others still sounding out judgements should let it go and try hearing what flexibility sounds like. It may lead us on a timeline when we were happy with just how things were.


Wow, this Asperger’s dream!





Why is the human mind’s desire to alter itself such a strong urge? My morning coffee (or tea)  immediately jars  me out of last night’s dream reality and I need that information. Someone gave me a pithy little statement to set an intention to store  dreams in body, mind and spirit for later use, but now I’m beginning to wonder if it’s because I immediately drug myself awake.


Don’t get me wrong I love my morning coffee and wouldn’t give it up for the world. The entire ritual of it; the kettle heating and the quiet anticipation of its whistle or the delightful gurgle of the coffee bursting forth in my little Italian cafetière is like foreplay to me. And please don’t get me started on the smell. It’s delicious. And for those morning  cigarette smokers I’m sure its orgasmic. (*note to self – once you start that cig thing it will own you.)


I remember Jim Jarmusch, one of my favorite creators saying when promoting his film, Coffee and Cigarettes how he was unsure if he’d ever make love again without it. (You see all his women were addicted to the same ritual.) That’s mad crazy, but oh so stimulating too, eh.


Now I am not condoning nor condemning the brain’s response to stimulation. I bet even the Dalai Lama gets a rush off of his green tea and sneaks a bit of well-deserved honey in it from time to time. I’m just saying Big Spirit is a Freak! (Spoken in my best Ryan Reynolds when he catches Sandra Bullock dropping low to hip-hop when his granny is calling in the ancestors in the morning.)


All I’m trying to say is we humans can go out there. There is nothing domesticated about us. Maybe it’s our brain’s way of rising like the sun. You know, we humans, all of us are extra-terrestrials so we need to land back in after partying to the music of the spheres the night before. That’s why I have a morning cup of coffee.


Ahhhh, that’s good coffee!


Good morning,





I am being reared from afar of late and it is painful. I feel like I’m going to throw up my heart. It’s extremely humbling too. Like this picture of the sky where it looks like Spirit is pointing at me and saying, “Silence!”


I knew this particular journey at this particular time was me diving deep so I could see my part in my creations but this is like a salt-scrub bath after camping for months. When I get signs like that my only solace is remembering all those who got truly big signs that included fire and water and major elements shocking one and all and then my little ego releases its hold on me and I can take a pause.


We all get these signs. That is why it’s so important to listen to ourselves for at least a few minutes a day. That way we can learn the codes we have invented. We all have symbols or numbers or scents or sounds that occur on a regular basis. It’s to get our attention. We just have to learn how to read the code our subconscious is telepathing to us.


On another note, calming thoughts to all those in California living on or near the fault line or the epicenter of the earthquake that happened on Independence Day. Let’s be grateful because if Great Mother didn’t occasionally let out a belch or two, she may vomit everything up all at once.


Here’s to listening!





I have just finished watering the garden this morning. Every single day I’m reminded of the power of life. The star within every person and thing in nature. Like the light in the center of a flower even when it sits in the shade.  It never worries about anything. It accepts the water and sunshine and is always in harmony with itself. It never thinks about the future or how long the span of its life will be. It just glows.


I’ve come from a wide panorama with nothing in your peripheral vision and a sky overhead that rivals an ocean, however the light inside little flowers is as magnificent. Why do we humans complicate everything when life truly survives on its own. I remember when having a crush my sister said to me, “Let nature take its course.” At the time it seemed too easy a response, but now I understand her completely. Life is easy when you allow it.


So today I shall get up from this computer and enjoy all that is with grace and ease. I will trust that tomorrow will come up brightly and warm me inside as the sun always does. I will leave all that is not right for me, right where it is. I will enjoy my own company and listen to life growing all around me because life really is that simple when I allow it to be.


Ah the passion flowers are in bloom too.


To life,



Okay I have been on-line all morning looking at hotels in Paris. I need to see some Picasso before I leave, especially since I’ve been living Matisse. I noticed I could get a good deal in Montmartre. I love that area. It’s where a lot of student fashion designers sell their wares or did some years back. I live for creativity so I began perusing some hotel reviews and OMG people said everything but he was a brown man with a sheet on his head or they wore yellow jackets and it’s not safe and it smelled and there was a Palestine rally and… Oh my God such fear!


Now I know I’m slightly biased. I’m a brown woman with all four tribes blood running through me. I’m an American African-Puerto Rican of Taino descent and the great-great granddaughter of a Scotsman whose slave-children had affairs with Chinese railroad workers. What right do I have to call dibs on any culture?


I get bad things can happen. I get we all love our personal Creator of choice. I also get how they are using hate to separate us. I get all that but fearing all people in the interim limits so much joy.


Am I the only person that’s had a history class? (I hope not because I suck at geography.) The world has been committing genocide and thinning out the herd the exact same way for eons. It’s textbook. Heck it’s the same way we create clubs and societies in High School. I’m cuter…waahhhh. I’m smarter….waaah. I’m richer…waaahh. I’m cooler…waahh. I could give a rat’s ass…whoa.


But we have to care. This can’t continue unless we want some trumped up queen or king dictating what we shah and shalom do. Did I successfully insult everyone in that sentence? I wouldn’t want to leave one hater out of it. But I’m my mother’s daughter; (She always loved a mischievous child.) and a human being myself. Just trying to take the state of politics serious.

Peace, paix, shalom, salam, pyeonghwa, amani, frieden, paz, bakea, mir, te rangimarie, alaafia, hodéezyéél, fred, hèping…

With love and light,


My Light is On by Adria Shahid

Eclipses are a big deal in astrology, because they are the most dramatic tool the universe uses to shake us awake and create instant change. – Susan Miller


I’ve been blogging for a long time so many July’s have come around now thus I will spare you my layman’s description of an eclipse and how they affect us. All of 2019 has felt like an eclipse to me anyway. If I look deep enough, my entire life has been one long shake-me-awake kinda bag.


Eclipses are so powerful because they illuminate our shadows equally to our light BUT they leave an encouraging glow behind. Like the Ghost-of-past-present-and-yet to come, visiting all at once. It has a  musical Tah-Dum kind of rippling wake. We simply have to own up to all we feel and get busy polishing that part of ourselves we only get to see during an eclipse.


This one is a total solar eclipse (only visible in Chile & Argentina) and in Cancer meaning now we have to soul-house clean with a toothbrush. I suggest not playing music to help the work go faster. This job needs silence and a big mop. So, I’m drinking hot water for breakfast and renewing my commitment to me and letting go of the guilt for only keeping my last promises for… Well, I can’t remember and I needed to let go of it anyway; the regrets and habits and their dulling effect on me, all of it. And if I slip back or echo any fears or whatnots, there’s another eclipse on the 16th. (0h joy…) I didn’t mean the sarcasm. See I’m already having to clean stuff up.


Okay off to work.


Good Luck!





For Tyrell and Donald – 

In the Hopi prophecy dreamt before the colonizing of the Americas, they said (and I paraphrase a snippet of said prophecy) ‘When over half of the world is addicted to something. When the children are crying and no one is listening, then Great Mother will take over our upbringing.’

And you wonder why there is global warming, Great Mom Earth is pissed.


My heart cries every day for the children of this planet, especially our young men. As we race to restore balance in humans and learn to acknowledge the yin/yang-male/female-female/male aspect of each of us, those still asleep are still cursing our children with their visions of how they should be. Our young men have no idea what the social norm is now. If they touch a girl they are attracted to, will she scream rape? If they don’t touch a girl by a certain age, are they queer? If they compete too aggressively, are they showing psychopathic tendencies? What does it mean to be a man today?


The children incarnating now are born with all their chakras clear and open and without karma. They are given a new shuffle with a new deck but then they come into being on the planet at this time and we give them all our shit – emotionally and materially. We want them to be successful. We blare anti-this and thug-that music at them but demand they be honest. How can they read our signals when those running things are cheating and lying and raping and pillaging their futures away? So, what do we tell them, “Be a man!” What the F does that mean!? Our children aren’t only crying they are dying.


There is no easy answer to this. I have tried and failed to raise my loving frequency high enough to protect my own but I will never give up. I will never propose I know what they are feeling. I will simply be there to listen and hold a space so bright around them and myself that they can find a way home. I have thrown every dime I have at this problem that now I don’t have a home for them to come home to but then I remember, my heart is their home. I will always keep an open heart and a prayer on my lips and a non-judgmental eyeful watch over their development. And if that isn’t enough, I will create a world around me where they no longer fear being themselves or fear at all.


Oh, Great Creator please co-create a space large enough in my heart, soul and mind that all children feel heard and felt and seen as the perfect beings they were created to be!


May all beings feel loved and free to be oneself,


And so it is,