I got up and did my morning meditation and had my fruit and nuts and was going to check my email when I realized I was kinda doing everything by rote. In all my inward searching and exploring how far I could expand within All There Is while remaining in this dimension, I realized something. I had lost track of joy! I’ve been making my spiritual journey, well work.


Well, that won’t do. I don’t know about you but I truly came here to have a nice time. Heck, coffee and chocolate alone made me cue up. I didn’t care how wacky it got. I just wanted to see sunrises and have first kisses and eat chocolate. I’d deal with the rest as it comes.


I know I have a great purpose and what not, we all do; but to use my Chris Tucker voice from the 5th Element, “Who cares!” I have enough faith (and great ancestors – oh me talk we awesome!) Oh, that was a play on the Dine aka Navajo expression of all my relations, it sounds like ohmetalkwe…


Okay, anyway I’m starting to remember (A great book by Steve Rothers by the way – Remember) why I came here. Yes I know the light shall set us free (another great book by Doc Norma Milanovich) but I came here for: organic ginger-chocolate bars & emotional romances & red rocks & Bjork & traveling & music & laughing until I wet myself & Bollywood dance classes & Murakami & magic & long dinner parties where we solve the world’s issues before the sorbet & block parties & a good haircut & the ocean ~ wow, and so many things…


Ahhh… when did I get so serious? Hah, oh well yin/yang happy/sad serious/mirthful … BUT here’s to always keeping the magic within it all.


Abra cadabra that’s all folks!


Remember when your mother used to say , “Do as I say do, not as I do.” That is a most dysfunctional statement, eh. How can I learn by ignoring the example laid out before me? So many of us educated by occidental institutions and presently living in so-called democratic, capitalist/communist societies (you say potatoe-potahto or rep or dem or tory or whig type binary oppositions of megalomania) well, we’ve only been rewarded if we follow the sentiments of others. What’s that about?


We have called those children that don’t follow by other’s examples so many names it hurts my heart. What if mother was trying to tell us to listen to our hearts not mimic another. I’m a great listener. My body won’t go where it doesn’t belong and my mind is even more rebellious. Plus, if I turn to look to see where Simon is going, I go off center and fall and hurt myself. I thought the game was to learn to focus and center?


It was beat into me to follow the leader so I did and faithfully. I wanted that gold star and the six or seven figure salary. I wanted the program they were sponsoring however I’d never met anyone in that program that inspired worship. And now I watch the outcome of that type of blind-leading-the sleep type of awareness and it is frightening. They use great sensations to motivate it; like war and body parts rubbing and hysterical laughter and other five-senses type stimulating substances and that makes me run for the hills.


No wonder they always portray the enlightened on a mountaintop or up a tree or in a cave somewhere. Race consciousness is scary. That mass mania of false expectations and illusions, yikes. But what good does it do the world if those that have figured it out hide from us in temples and whatnot? (Oh, I forgot. We’re always being ostracized if we wake up and start giving permission to others to be themselves.) Hmmm, I guess the only thing to do is take the time to listen to what is true for you. I mean really listen, not with your ears or eyes but with your heart and soul. Only then will the truth be revealed, (or at least your own personal life’s destiny).


Okay, I must go and get quiet and listen to why I get triggered by the masses. It can never suffocate me if I am expressing light-filled love, right?


Here’s saying many prayers for you. Please say one for me today.


Thank you,



There are times when no matter what one does things go askew. Like the time when you buy exactly what you normally get for your family but the arugula gets slimy and the milk starts curdling and the crackers have gone all mushy and it’s only been three days. Then one remembers they don’t like crackers. They prefer rye bread. They only buy it for she/he plus milk gives you gas which you would never let out around he/she and you know to only buy the arugula at the other store but… And we start dissecting our decisions and desires and reasoning until we lie on our own table of our own making bleeding from the surgery we just underwent. Dr. Peebles once (or often) said, “You would never dissect something while it’s still living, would you? That would be painful.” 


Well, that is what the Scorpio full moon is like – the inner fragmenting back into whole. The other retro planets are simply icing on the cake of our journeying. I don’t mean to make light of a difficult time. I know some are truly looking at themselves for the first time. I was born in Scorpio and it is my nature to look at myself through microscopic lens, daily..moment-by-moment..sometimes to excess. That’s why I infuse humor when I share those ruminations with you. Also I’m not a poet. I would never make shit look beautiful so you can go back to sleep again. What service would that provide? That’s like watching a romantic comedy where loves sneaks in but when the lights come back on and the popcorn digests you still feel unloved.


What I do know is this is no time to be projecting yourself outward. You will only insult those closest to you. This is a time when we must open our hearts and ask for a compassionate ear or listen to some true truth and then find the path to fall back in love with oneself. I’m here if you need me. I’m a good listener plus I’m learning to love myself unconditionally too. But then again things are always as they should be. If some huge sound or disruption or blockade or emotion didn’t stop us, would we have?


Here’s to seeing our own perfection and projecting that out.


With love,



Yes, I know it’s been a while. See, that’s why I steer clear of time sensitive blogs (sorry mom:). Funny my I Tunes is shuffling and right when I was going to use my trip abroad as an excuse for being blog delinquent, The Triplets de Belleville came swingin’ on. God, I love that soundtrack.


But I guess I could take a break from trying to see into the future to limit over packing. That’s difficult for me. Not because I’m a high maintenance female, it’s more due to my not being able to resist the little compact travel type accessories. Everything is so darling when it’s miniaturized, don’t you think?


I lived on boats for a couple of years some time ago and I loved it. The succinct modular design of the interior appealed to my senses and created peace. In boats everything has its place and nestles quite happily there. There I could live with a swimsuit and a pair of cut-offs and one dress, a skirt and maybe two pairs of jeans and for shoes – flip-flops. Heck, vitamins and hair stuff took up more space, (curly hair got to tame it for it to curl).


But now we have that darn internet and it takes you down another rabbit hole and now I’m justifying t-shirts and t-straps and using scarves as sarongs and then there’s my books. I can’t leave a book half read. That’s sacrilege! So, my one case has become two..oh no, my yoga mat and MELT roller, yikes.


Okay I have to take myself into the bathroom and look me in the eye and release some stuff. (But if I put them in little bitty bottles and make a grid in my suitcase like a crossword puzzle. I could store more, right?) Let go. (I wonder how difficult it is to shop Amazon in the countryside.) STOP IT!


Enough, I’ll just be the naked lady walking cats and conversing with the yellow jacketed carnies. Wow, thank goodness that’s done.


What next?





Motherhood brings you to your knees in a way that doesn’t leave room for you to judge others. It makes you see that there’s no ideal – a constant struggle, constantly compromising, but ultimate love.  ~ Maggie Gyllenhaal


Happy Mother’s Day!


Motherhood has to be the strongest bond in the world. Not only for those women that gave birth but for those children of those women. My mother was and still is the best friend I ever had. She was funny and fearless and childlike. To this day when something wonderful happens I still pick up my phone to call my mom and she transitioned in ‘94. I can’t remember one day when I haven’t said something to her or apologized for some behavior she wouldn’t have appreciated or told a joke at her expense. Who else would put up with that kind of behavior but a mother? We all know the expression, “that is a child only a mother can love.” Well sorry to tell you this folks but we all are.


For those of you who weren’t allowed a maternal relationship with your mother for any reason, trust me, today you are all she is thinking of. I don’t care if she was out cold during your conception and birth, her heart is getting tremors from her body reminding her of you, right now. No one is perfect. Heck, my mother in a moment of boredom from talking to kids all day, told me she jumped out of a plane and saved my life just to see my eyes grow wide in my head. For years I believed her. I was so upset and stunned when the truth came out at nine years old. I told many a friend about my mother’s heroics. However, one mother of a lie took me months to forgive and that’s after lying daily to her for years.


So, the best present we can give our moms today is forgiveness and true unconditional love. She has enough pop-beads and smelly colognes and hankies and trips to Olive Garden anyway. Let’s give her something truly worthy of her love and stretch marks.


I love you mom, sooooooo much!


Your kid,




Hi everyone. Well you know I wouldn’t leave you with yesterday’s news. I believe my reporting news at all had to do with all the solar flares and CMEs going on. (*For those unaware of what those are I am attaching a NASA video that explains them at the end of this post.) I have always believed they were the planets way of detoxing. When her atomic number gets heavy, she sweats it out. Just like us humans when we have eaten crap and gained some weight.


Thus, as promised I will give you my layperson’s way of balancing the electromagnetic field around the body so we don’t fry out or explode emotionally or fry the inner circuits during these evolving times. I’m really speaking purely to self. I’ve been craving meat and sugar and fats to counteract all the exploding feelings of heat going on around me. It’s almost like I need the density to hold me while Great Mother tosses and turns and spits and farts.


Firstly hydrate. Water is a great conductor and will help alleviate any and all toxins; emotional and physical. For some reason it’s been hard for me to drink water of late. I want something more stimulating and food-like, like juice and coffee which is the worst thing to be drinking at present. The body will hold onto it like food.


Thus, the need for enemas. Colon therapy has gotten so gentle now that if you have a hard time doing enemas, find a therapist. The body was not designed to hold things, especially fecal matter and decaying food or bad thoughts and negative emotions. We must cue the body to release. If you’ve had difficulty in the past doing the aforementioned it should be easier now given the earth is going through it as well. I believe when Lord Yeshua aka Jesus the Christ said where two or more are present, he meant when in alignment the body/mind and spirit will do what it’s supposed to and the natural ebb and flow of manifesting our destiny and living of life happens.


So now that I’ve dealt with the body let’s get the emotions in check. Emotionally, yesterday’s news left an imprint (please forgive me). I was like that person who calls and asks you how you are but goes into their litany of trials and tribulations before you even get to answer. But with love we listen until one has released some of their density and lightened their lode. Earth is going through this all the time and every person on this planet is that kind of friend to Her, yikes. (I know! I had a Cuban pulled pork sandwich yesterday and I haven’t done that in decades.)


The most difficult portion of the program is taking responsibility for how one feels.  I even joined a 12-step program recently to help rid myself of my learned survival behavior, however there are easier ways; breathing and simply stopping the suffering portion of the program, for example. https://youtu.be/Ow0lr63y4Mw 

So, Breathe in 2,3,4 and hold, 2, 3, 4 and out 2,3,4,5 and hold 2, 3. Always exhale a little longer than the inhale to rid yourself of excess carbon dioxide. We are going silicate, folks. So we have to get the rocks out so we can become the diamonds we’re meant to be.


Take whatever your body needs for balance but naturally. Diabetes can be and will be eradicated by cleaner food plus nothing on God’s green earth can’t be cured with air and water. No bacteria lives in pure oxygen so if we rinse our emotions with tears and toxins with glasses of water then breath deeply long enough, our bodies will stop thinking all those negative thoughts…yada-yada. We all know this. We just have to do it, eh:)


Now the part some of us don’t know but every aborigine culture has said in some way, shape or form from Tibet to the Congo to Lapp-lands to Hopi to Australia to… All life has energy centers. And energy cannot be killed only transmuted (scientific fact) thus if we clean house in our energy centers, we can bring in more light, simple.  Why do you think, we have counter clockwise and the universe doesn’t simply go one way? There is always an In and Out door. Think about it. When we get confused we tend to go counter-clockwise until we spin out the doubt and then we come to a stand-still conclusion before restarting clockwise. Now most cultures advise not to stay in a reverse spin for long. I don’t suggest it either. Spin, one, two three maybe even four times, but you’ll know because your body will automatically stop.


Now that we’ve rinsed and cleared, we must ground. This could be as simple as sticking our hands in a potted plant or our feet in dirt. Now let it go. we wouldn’t take a bath in the morning and wonder what we smell like directly afterward, would we? So, when doing our spiritual hygiene, we automatically set an intention for joy in our day. However, we should return all that dirty emotionally physical water back to the earth with gratitude and love and a final adieu.


I could go into chakra clearings and what not but for those just starting on their paths this is the quick oats version. I will go into the steel oats version in the book. However, you already know everything I’m saying. We’re made of the same stuff as the stars in the sky so go within and design your own personal morning ritual.


Please let’s not don’t judge ourselves. One of my favorite lightbulbs on this planet has been drunk for a long time and he mixes his gin in Emergence C with a smile and love for All There Is and I promise you he will be with me at the Big Gala when everyone is awake and humming.


Okay, here’s the video explaining the solar flares and coronal mass ejections but once again if we listen with our hearts, we can ride any tantrum Great Mother goes through like a heifer in a rodeo. Sorry Mother, but You’ve been a real cow of late:)


Love you all!




For Kendrick – A real superhero and all our children fearing for their lives… (This story is sad , folks..sorry)


During these times the powers that be; those setting the price of pork bellies and soy beans and gas, those that are legally committing genocide worldwide, are making their last-ditch efforts to hold up that which is coming down.


I never read the news because it’s always advertising for whatever ism owns the magazine to me, well yesterday in one of those ‘lone men shooter’ scenarios (which I believe are manipulated ways to try to get the American public to give up its right to bear arms) well, in one of those scenarios this beautiful smiling child heroically with two friends stopped the shooter. Excuse me, I’m crying… But he died. What do you say about that great of a loss? I’m almost ashamed I’ve judged comic strips so harshly because this child’s instincts believed he could stop the bad guy and he did, but the good guy died. Where were we elders in this scenario?


If Trump is simply trying not to spend the money to educate students by inspiring parents to home school (thus cutting out all his so called dead beats and immigrants and blue collar parents with two jobs) just have the balls to put that initiative on the table. If China has lifted the ban on having one child to have more labor to create dollar store stuff, than have the balls to put that on the table. If South America is funding their governments by using drugs to bring down other governments than have the balls to just say it..oh yeah Noriega did in the old days.


All these isms using their military to govern are scared and nothing is more frightening than a scared person with a gun so HUMANITY, please say no to violence in any form. CONSERVE your resources. When you go to drink water drink the entire glass. What would be worse than being thirsty and thinking about the day you threw water on an ant to make it move.


ELDERS we may have to take that front line if we are going to sing lullabyes this evening. Vote out all that is no longer serving you. Call in that which you believe in and resonates with love and have compassion. Compassion and love are so needed now. Please don’t let Kendrick Castillo’s life be in vain. He had the balls to live his life with courage and love!


To the children of the world, I’m saying as many prayers as I can and it is inspiring me to place more than just belief behind that love I have for you!


May all beings be happy and safe and securely provided for,



PS: Please know starting soon I will be placing recipes and spiritual techniques to help all rise above the fear ever present so we may get through the darkness to dawn!


There is nothing like rain in the desert to give you permission to do nothing. Finally, a real day off. I can look out my window and watch the clouds spreading out like batting in a quilt while I listen to the streaming of drops and it is so comforting.


Normally the sun and blue sky would yell at me to, “rise and shine and get something accomplished.” What is that about? Why must we always be accomplishing something? When we are having fun, why do those who think they control us think we are up to something. They even go as far as calling us mischievous, those that can’t get to their imaginations, yikes.


The occidental world totally needs a makeover; the communist world too. They are so obsessed by ‘Things’ they don’t see that they have boogers in their noses. Hah! Hammers and sickles and stars and stripes and red dots and what nots have to be the most boring way to use those beautiful shapes.


But today I’m allowed to watch the world from a rabbit’s point of view and it is so wonderful. No coyotes to worry about or snakes (they don’t like rain) and it’s easy to get at a carrot. I think I’ll give myself a gold star and take my hammer and beat out a rhythm while using my sickle to make a calming mud design of stripes in the dirt that look like a mandala portrait of my crush. He’s so cute.


So, what’s up, Docs!




There are times when my human brain cannot shut itself off. No matter how much I meditate or journal or walk or bake or even eat chocolate, I’ll hear the humming of my little monkey working itself up inside my head. This is when I need a true avatar of joy to take me by the hand and lead me back into my heart.


I lost my four-legged angel so I must live vicariously through my friends’ dogs, horses and cats now. I’m over being jealous when they send me pictures of them walking or riding into the sunset like heroes of their own personal films of life. Well recently, Miss Olivia’s significant other sent me her picture. I’ve had the honor of caring for her on occasion so I can testify at how generous her spirit is. She would let me place my face on her belly and jiggle it with my head and she endured my stopping along the way to look at giant moths when a squirrel was only a tree away. She was patient with me when I cried and allowed me to sleep on her couch. She even danced with me and if you knew Miss Livie she is one proud lady so standing on two-legs is total de-evolution for her.


Well her mom sent me her latest picture of this elegant beloved and I had to share it. Livie would just look at us with no judgement at all before turning her back and shoving her nose into her pillow. My ole girl Isis would be thinking of a joke to pull on me but Livie is above all that. She is a pit bull and has zero tolerance with snooty red-headed goldens. She is one of a kind and well aware that all she has to do is look someone in the eye to get the respect she requires. (Sometimes stereotypes work to the typees advantage.)


So today I will smell Miss Olivia in my mind’s eye and walk with her and Amy so I can get the courage to say goodbye to John. But that will have to wait until tomorrow. Today I will play in the dirt with Miss Livie and live worry-free with her. Thank you, Amy for sharing.


You ladies are loved, loved, loved…



How are you today? Of late, some have been asking why my blogs are often of a spiritual nature. For those of you who’ve been led here recently, years ago I had a website called KarmiChange. It was an appropriate moniker at that time, in time when we were still being influenced by past karmic debts. However, our millennials anchored in and wiped out the need for karmic records. They’re born with their chakras open. I’m sure we’re all willing to give them some of our old karma but we’re supposed to be the elders, right.


Now, in those days when the first wave of the “Woke” woke up, I wanted to be able to give them my layman’s version of what they were going through. I was young and hopeful myself so the site was dedicated to all and everything dedicated to creating the world anew. However, since my mantra’s always been no soul left behind, I started writing books for those who were never really asleep only hypnotized by those running things. Institutionalized religions and politicians made everyone look like an idiot; we were sinners and fornicators and junkies and artists and hippies and I don’t even remember the religious term for our homosexual brethren. So, I started writing books for those who were made to feel badly about themselves because popular culture via the government was dictating what was morally right or cool.


Now I am of the Will Rogers’ frame of mind. I truly never met a person I didn’t like. Meaning once you know someone how can you not like them? But after years of defending and explaining and looking for inspiring stories and making videos for the new Age of Aquarius (history yin/yangs between 1000 years of light and 1000 of shadow all the time; the sound vibrating against light creating matter equation) I finally got tired of being the spiritual hermit. I released the fun creative writing plus I thought I’d best let people know who the odd character was floating behind the screen in cyber space. And that is how this site came into being and why the blog is the remnant of the old one. It’s also why so many books were released so quickly (typos included).


Wow, that just felt like a first date. You know where one must explain one’s existence before going further. I’ve never been good at dating. I think I stopped when the slang for making love became hitting it then it went to killing it, yikes. I digressed again, huh? Okay that’s why I need your comments and input and compassion for this world because things are never from the outside in but more from the inside out and even then, it’s hard to tell its direction.


So enough from me. How are you?


Always changing,


MLR/Karmichange Books/CosmiChange/KarmiChange/Light’s On…