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The Mermuring Maiden

When an African prince of pure lineage returns from university in England so do his past issues with his father and communal life. He escapes by going fishing. There he meets a lost sea goddess wearing his dead mother’s ring. When he realizes the mermaid means him no harm their open hearts create a child, however, their multi-elemental daughter inspires fear in his traditional village. Thus the man of medicine takes the villagers’ trepidation as an opportunity to reinstate the shaman as leader by summoning their first ancestor to assist him, but the old spirit has desires of its own. It wants war so all life forms on and within the earth return to their primordial existence.

Will the prophecy of the bi-elemental children’s ability to restore balance on the planet come to be or will the mutant gene replace the next generation? The Mermuring Maiden is the innocent beginning of the Maiden trilogy that exposes the unnatural manipulation of all life on Earth.




The Man of Medicine began to laugh hysterically in a deep cruel guffaw. “Do you think you can scare me!” he screamed to no one and everyone. “I am Temne! I accept your challenge. I am king here!” Then the shaman began to chant the numbers that held the world together and the water began to recede. He mumbled them so fast it was indiscernible in any language.

“Onesixninefoursixeigh enzerozerooneoneeleventwentytwo eightnine...” he recited at break-neck speed, and he continued reciting them over and over again. He demanded he stay clear and not question why this was happening, but like the myriad of numbers he spoke, a million questions entered his mind. Then it stopped. The poppy had worked its magic. Now the shaman felt peace. He looked around his medicine lodge and saw the pattern forming. “ Things have changed, my friend,” he quietly said to himself.


Sedina never let on to Equoo that she was still upset. She did not go through the porthole home like in a normal dream; she went beyond the familiar to witness this. She went beyond the ocean, beyond the universe even. She went beyond space to somewhere else. It was somewhere before any of this mattered. Even more bizarre was the only presence that felt familiar was the jackal-man. It felt as if they had been traveling together for a long time. But where had they known each other, and when had they met? Was it in this life or another? The only thing Sedina did know was she did not trust this animal-man. In fact, she feared him. Not because of any powers he may have, or because he chose a horrible beast to emulate, she feared the jackal-man because he wanted to hurt her daughter. He wanted to possess Mianshe.