Okay it’s been quite some time since I have written anything. In fact, given the nature of my last blog it’s been since the 13th. In all that time I’ve had a lot of time to think. A couple of years back I had hit this point. I kind of resembled Forest Gump in the desert when he stopped running and said, “I’m tired. I’m going home now”. I too had hit that wall and wished to go home but I simply killed Karmichange.com and became MicheleLamar.com 


All this talk of ascension and being awake and the dawning of the age of Aquarius and Indigo and Rainbow children and the end times and what not, well that has always been going on. I believe that journey is simply getting faster is all. We have internet and google maps and satellites and organic hallucinogens and all this is simply just more ways to get to the same place – within. I don’t want to be another electronic detail in one’s day. I want to be on the ground floor in nature working to keep the lights on and the circle cultures that revere life, safe. Heck my dream was to have 144 acres on each continent for the upbringing of those that never left Eden. The San and Yir Yonte and Aborigines and Tibetans and Lapplanders and Incans and Celts, for example. You know, the indigenous of humanity. Those Grandparent races they are trying so hard to exterminate. But here I am. 


So, I will sit down tonight and see how I can be my best for humanity. Of course, I will say prayers for you too and then I will lift a glass of something bubbly and toast us all. 


Cheers, Salut, L’chaim and Chin-chin, with love, 



Okay it’s Friday the 13th but it’s after the 12/12 gateway. Just like when programming computers, coding is important. You know zeros and ones creating patterns. So when numerical patterns happen in the universe doors open and we call it gateways or that’s my laymen’s explanation. Well, this is the last gateway of a decade; the decade before 2020. That’s a pretty cool pattern for a year 2020. Makes you wonder what Prince would have musically done with that. Plus there are meteor showers to celebrate it and Venus and Jupiter (planet of good luck) to expand it and I’m simply loving the vibe of it all. Oh-oh did I mention the full moon!


Now we all know the rumors about Friday falling on a 13th. Heck, 13 alone has a bad rap and mixing the two together will make us take the stairs or another car or spit, and frankly spitting is so rude. So may I suggest (given all the glorious energy surrounding this day) let’s make our superstitions super.


Let’s have a  lovely day, my friends. Maybe even write thirteen intentions and share a baker’s dozen of your favorite cupcake/brownie/cookie/taffy whatever with someone and walk in the full moon light and howl your love for All There Is! That’s what I’m going to do.





You were on my mind. I was in a conversation with my inner self and I interrupted it by waking up and I was just in the part of telling myself that I would take care of my little girl. I was also realizing that in the 21st century we’ve been rewarded so much for being invulnerable and all the other so-called powerful attributes of the emotional body. You know, like being a confident, successful, charismatic, prosperous, renowned, strong bad-ass, poker-faced, skinny, gorgeous, individual like the ones you see in magazines. Well since we banned all ourselves’ essence that won’t get on any cover of anything – that side of us that isn’t in vogue, well, where does that person go?


Now I have written an entire book on the restoration of authentic being. Its interior is being designed as I type. I’ll release it the last week of this month on Amazon and via the site. It’s The Art of Acting Human and has an entire page dedicated on this site where you can read an old version of the first chapter. But the new version is miles better. Okay enough of my personal plug…


Where does that person we shoved way down inside us go? The one who isn’t cool enough to go places with us when we go out? I don’t know. But I’d love to meet them. They are by far our better self. They do not look like anyone else I’ve ever seen or have known plus they get me (thank God!). They don’t mind my being goofy or my laughing out loud plus they allow me the space to be still. In fact when I woke up this morning I was in conversation with that person. I can’t keep astral traveling to meet up. Please come out and play with me, right here, right now.


Yes, when I woke up this morning, you were on my mind.


I love you,



You were on my mind is by the We Five – They wrote that song in a week and in two week’s were known for being their weird and wonderful selves…true story.

I’ve been car shopping. I hear you connecting my title with that first sentence and it’s truly not funny. Okay it is but not for the reasons you think. I’ve always bought my cars cash. You know, excellent used cars with low miles and high style. I was a Mercedes diesel or Volvo wagon girl for years then I went to Lexus and Subarus until common sense hit me and I went to no nonsense Toys that I didn’t have to repair. (Please note I ‘m not promoting any material thing.)


Now I don’t normally do car notes, but alack alas life intervened along with a madman delivering an RV and I went spinning and bouncing from rail to rail until I found myself at a dealership. Car salesmen (private parties or dealers) are up there with lawyers for being known for their integrity so I listened very carefully. I still got bullied into going against common sense but what I learned in the interim was life changing and should be taught in every economics course in every high school in America. So, I am going to give you some tidbits of info you should all know when going into a long-term relationship with a bank via a car dealer or real estate agent for that matter.


First, why buy their gap insurance. They will try and bully you into it and make you feel beholding for their financing your shiny new toy but don’t buy it. They are getting very well compensated for that plus your personal full coverage car policy will sell that to you for five bucks, ten at tops which is a lot cheaper than the hundreds the dealer will quote you. Don’t get me wrong I am not promoting one or the other I am just saying research both options. There are pros and cons to both so research so you have some negotiating leverage. (I bought both but at a big discount.)


Next split your payment in two. Pay bi-monthly. This doesn’t give the proverbial machine the time to accrue the monthly interest and you’ll be paying down your principal in no time. Works just as well for your mortgages too.


And finally, never let them run your credit until you know you want the car. They will try…well yada-yada that one most of you know. Probably everyone except the young’uns coming up or this old one who was told never buy anything “on time” – an old folks’ expression meaning never buy with credit. If you can’t afford it, you don’t need it.But sometimes financing is the perfect option so you have your cash to employ as you wish. If banks can make that money, so can you!


On the whole what I learned was very valuable. Priceless in fact so I wanted to share that with you. Especially being the end of the year with a new year coming up. There are so many variables in economy (Brexit/Trump/Trade wars…). Maybe we’d better take control of our purse strings as best we can. I miss the days when we had coffee cans labeled with what we envisioned needing. Heck, my family grew food and canned in the winter and recycled and vintage-shopped all my life. It was like a treasure hunt. It wasn’t always old or used, but the acquiring of something always had a story and I miss that. Now we hoard so much stuff we can’t remember where we put it.


Given we live in an eternally abundant universe, let’s have fun and enjoy the holidays and be Santa for all those who still believe! We don’t need to buy them a bunch of stuff when they are right there in front of us, ready to play with the box it came in. Okay, clap your hands if you believe.


I believe!




PS: I’m going to take my car to the streets!

Musical messages are: Any material thing’s link is Janis’ appeal for a Benz and my common sense link is Mr. Michael McDonald’s What a fool believes and I believe link is If you believe by Alecia Elliott. PS – is Michael again Takin it to the streets at Berklee college of music’s 2011 graduation! You are not going to be able to sit through that , folks:)

Okay I have just binged a series that reminds me of who I used to be and things I’ve written and when I simply existed with the collective and… Love is so more gratifying of a way to learn a lesson. It’s like undoing that last button when you really have to pee. Aahhh the release and acceptance and joy and humble appreciation of being human – love.


I used to get so mad at the entertainment industry for always making love comical. I never understood why they wanted us to laugh after we’d kissed. Anticipating love’s embrace is excruciatingly beautiful and can be delightfully painful. Not in any quirky insidious clichéd way like racing to catch someone at the last minute or being saved by it or the joy of make up sex. Heck if someone can manage to get their arms around me when `I’m angry I’ve already said (or immediately will if in love) I’m done now, uncle, I submit, I’m yours. And at the beginning when in love, is worse than any earthquake. One literally trembles. I used to look forward to the middle when the sensation got more profound. Needless to say, in the middle when you know without saying or doing when to wear leather or lace or pounce or pat or cry or remain silent is almost too much information. Love becomes the child one carries. But the ending, well, that’s simply a total oxymoron. How can anyone feel so much now that something is over?


To love someone, that one, the one more than any other is the most remarkable experience I’ve ever encountered and so rare. I guess that’s the gift of that unique emotion. Even when it has disappeared or left you standing in the cold or has died altogether, you can always touch the imprint it has left upon you.


With love,



All day long I’ve been swatting at my emotions as they fly by my brain and it’s exhausting. I truly appreciate all I’ve lived and those I’ve known; friends and enemies alike. I appreciate most food I’ve been served and places I’ve seen and the arts that have entertained me, so why become a malcontent now. What’s that about?


I had to bring out the big gun I use for times like this – music. It makes my mind literally change stations. When searching for some ditty to score my mood, I had a lovely thread of communication with a stranger I met listening to jazz. But like good jazz it became bittersweet. For some reason, we’ve been made to believe we have to suffer for our art, or worse for love. That’s just wrong on so many accounts. That’s up there on my list with being called “too sensitive” as if there’s something wrong with feeling.


Thus, with sensitivity, I’m taking the definition and exploration and appreciation and utilization of happiness back from the curmudgeons. If I want to play with my belly button or sit with my legs ajar or bring my own popcorn to the theater or eat chocolate for breakfast or stay in bed staring into my lover’s eyes all day long, I’m doing it.


I promise to ground all my joy into the planet. I promise to have my laughter be of service to the world. I promise to create balance wherever I go and I truly promise to allow me first go through the door of any of my intentions.


“What does it take to be happy?” I asked. Well, smiling and good music and appreciating life in general, I believe.


Cheers to being happy!



Suffer for our art is Ren  & Stimpy’s happy-happy joy -joy theme; service to the world’s link is Ella and Chick swingin’ I want to be happy in 1937 and lastly, the be happy link is the brilliant Stevie Wonder’s happier than the morning sun sung by B.J. Thomas with the maestro himself on harmonica and the lovely Darlene Love doing backup, now that’s harmony.

Aka Aging to ripeness…

There is this card in the Osho tarot deck that symbolizes being ripe or ready – ripeness. It has a picture of some fruit on a tree getting ready to drop. Unfortunately, I don’t believe this is a good metaphor for a human being. If I am getting ripe to drop then that would make death the ultimate pinnacle of my existence when to me, life is the acme.


Every single moment in life is defined by some choice I make. Thus, in my opinion all of my life is the topmost important moment in life. Now for those of us that get overwhelmed by choosing, (yeah all you Libras out there:) this must be a daunting quote. Thus, I’ll choose to phrase it differently. Every moment in life creates life thus living is the correct choice in life. No matter which door I open I bet there’s a reward on the other side of that threshold, right. That’s if I was aware/awake/present when making the choice I made and indeed made that choice for myself.


I get I’m a thinking being and there are a lot of variables when deciding but hey there’s only one menu per meal on any given day. There’s always tomorrow. Plus, I eat (or choose) something at least three, four times a day. Okay maybe the choice should be choose less. (Again that’s a choice:) Yes, I know, I’ve made some truly dumb choices but I made them. It’s when I just hang around on the tree that trouble comes to me. Why is that?


History loves to show some proverbial messenger bringing some life changing answer/reward/gift/lottery/person… I could go on and on and on but we all know that story. But is that story true? Normally when things come from the outside and trump my awareness, it’s trouble or worse it stays the same, moving around and around until I change the pattern and direct the focus to where I wish to go. It’s when I make a decision things start moving again. So, why am I still sitting in a tree-chair waiting for something to fall into my lap? I don’t know.


Gotta get moving,



Awake/present link is Valse a Quatre Main film short & Jacques Brel’s Valse a Mille Temp is the gotta get moving link.

Years ago, when I first moved to LA, I taught acting at a  local theater. It was supported by the affluent who didn’t know what to do with their children for the summer so they gave them to me – a young aspiring actor who had come into town after living on boats in the Caribbean for years. All I had was two pairs of cut-offs, a couple of sarongs, one dress and a bathing suit and my imagination and desire to create in Los Angeles.


Well long story short, I adapted a play and my kids were a success. One of my students who was brushing my hair which was as frazzled as I was on opening day said, “Ms. Richards, your kids are going to either be geniuses or really messed up.” Now I always knew I wasn’t having children. I knew this since 8-years-old but that comment cemented the idea into a belief. I’m proud I had the courage to realize my shortcomings. A mother who was psychic and borderline high-functioning Asperger’s with a dedication to the truth, could really mess you up.


I truly respect all living beings . Heck I was raised by nature and know more about life cycles than life so when I listen to the news and hear that parents are wanting to chemically induce the growth cycle of their children, my blood goes cold and I scream, “Monsters!”.


Why are we adapting something that hasn’t even completely formed itself yet? Our traits were given to us for a reason. Maybe I was born round and brown to grow from just that condition. Maybe that tall, giant person that felt out of place wanted to nestle into a five-foot corner in this life. We have no idea why we were birthed the way we are, only that we were so accept that. In fact, isn’t life  given to us to learn how to live it. Why are we taking that away from our children? And please don’t get me started on us deciding their sexuality. Why should anyone under the age of 16 have to think about what their sexual inclination is. At that age you love, simply love and in the loving great state of being way, not the action-verb love donned by pornographers and pedophiles.


All I am trying to say is we can’t create balance with the bad that has happened to us through our children. Nothing has happened to them yet. Let’s please allow our children the space to grow up into whatever being their lovely  twelve strands of DNA have created. Then dress them for the environment. Let’s remember to give them some hats and gloves and a little sunblock too, please.


With love for our children!



Chuck Mangione’s Land of Make Believe sung by Johnny Mathis, happy happy joy joy…

I see fire and I see rain was an infamous lyric that immortalized the binary opposition of missing love creating mournful hate. Well today I heard Mr. Taylor’s words quite differently. I woke up thinking isn’t binary opposition the symmetry in the whole. There wouldn’t be a Democrat if it wasn’t for a Republican or a man if it wasn’t for a woman… All polarization needs the opposing side of the picture to exist, right. Thus, the phrase, look at the big picture.


The only thing that doesn’t separate itself in two are the elements themselves. It takes a full circle to see the wonder of earth, fire, water and air. It takes looking in all directions to encompass that which is wholly right in front of us. So why do humans spend so much time in institutions creating dogma and details and degrees of empirical information and then slice it all up like pizza? Who can survive on junk food!


Thus, my kindred beings when taking your selfies today can you try to get the entire view in the lens. I know it’s hard. We haven’t developed the technology nor the wisdom to see in that way yet. But we can try, can’t we?


From your loving amoeba,



I see fire is Mr. Taylor’s innocent version and itself in two is Bono and Blige kickin’ it on One and of course your loving amoeba’s One is the huMAN in Black, Mr. Cash.

The entire California coastline is on fire and the false light of electricity is the blame. Great Mother is really trying to get our attention now. This is no time for a ‘we tried to tell ya’.  The warnings have been loud since my birth and I am sure since the births of my ancestors. The old adages have been a part of the New Age since the beginning too. Things like, you can’t keep doing what you’ve always done because you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.


My heart is breaking for all the displaced people and especially the wildlife. They didn’t have the choice we had. They are/were the indigenous that have been trying for centuries to co-exist with the industrial age and now the technological age when the raping and hoarding has taken an all-time egocentric high. I’m sorry this is no time for me to be angry with those that desire and want to win whatever they can to fill some imaginary hole in themselves. Again, I apologize for my words, but it hurts.


I hurt. All my life I’ve said the same thing over and over again. Nature, well, life as a whole is my God. I revere life so when so much of it is dying around me, I empathize to the point where I’m boiling mad and on fire and heart broken and scared but mostly sad; truly and profoundly sad. So…


I invoke the presence of All There Is in Light and in the heavens, and the Elemental ectoplasma of existence surrounding us to please assist in the cleansing clearing purifying loveliness of our beautiful blue mother called Earth. I ask for your forgiveness in our arrogance in feeling our will is more important than your will or from our separating ourselves from you, dear Nature. You are our kindest part of us, so may we grow, mulch, rebirth and seed anew our soil of ideas and thoughts and forms and beliefs and tame our egos into alignment with All There Is. For I know with love, we can correct any imbalance within our collective being in a split second of sound filled pure light with a universal hum of Om my goodness, so all beings may be happy and thrive and evolve in loving, light-filled ways.


And so it is and thus I am,


A simple collection of atoms called mlr  

Today’s musical anomaly is: It Hurts’ link is my Pretty Reckless’ Heaven Knows, and so it is link is The Element Song by Tom Lehrer with a final blessing of Bless This.