The Mermuring Maiden

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Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite 

The Mermuring Maiden is a fantasy novel penned by author Michele Lamar Richards which crosses cultural boundaries in an interesting mix of mythology and fantasy lore. 

Michele not only knows her classic fantasy, myth and fairy tale canons, but she knows how to reinvent and transform them into a higher level of fantasy tale for the modern age. I devoured the highly atmospheric background of Africa for this tale, enjoying the small village setting from a brand-new perspective. The magic involved is given its due for explanation and lore, and the sea beings were some of the most beautiful, interesting and occasionally dangerous fantasy people I have ever encountered. The narration immerses you right away and takes you down into the story with compelling dialogue, relatable characters and a strong plot that builds to an even stronger climax. Overall, The Mermuring Maiden is an original take on age-old stories, not to be missed if you love exploring new cultures, magic and unique ideas.

When an African prince of pure lineage returns from university abroad so do his past issues with his father and communal life. When escaping the villager’s ever watchful eyes, he meets a lost sea goddess wearing his dead mother’s ring. After realizing the mermaid means him no harm their open hearts create a child, however, his multi-elemental daughter inspires fear in the traditional village. When the King demands he rear the child as well as an orphan boy born of no one’s womb in their tribe, the man of medicine uses the villager’s mistrust of the exotic children as an opportunity to reinstate the shaman as leader by summoning their first ancestor’s assistance, but the old spirit has desires of its own. 

The Mermuring Maiden is the innocent beginning of the Maiden trilogy that exposes the unnatural manipulation of all life on Earth.